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Luxury, Agri-food, Automotive, Fashion

About Us

We get to the meeting point
between physical and digital space

We manage and coordinate the entire creative and executive path, from conception to delivery to post launch support. We transform spaces from simple containers of objects to real places of interaction, where to discover the value of your brand.

Digital Signage

We connect all the spaces of your stores. Your message is automatically everywhere, easily updated and editable in real time.

Touch & Touchless Technologies

Shops, boutiques, corners live and change through interaction with the customer.


Success Stories

Complete, customizable, interactive, multitouch environments

We listen

We combine our digital skills with your sales experience in a single brief. Together, we’ll define the narrative, the context and the objectives to explore all the creative possibilities of the project.

We design

We define the project fruition processes and the technical and multimedia tools at the service of the interactive experience. We collect and study the materials, develop the narration and create detailed previews.

We produce

The production will be constantly monitored, tested and brought to your attention for comparisons and feedback, so that we regularly proceed towards the implementation phase.

We assembly

Virtual, digital and physical installations finally meet. The design and the elements of interaction come together, giving life to an unprecedented experience. A complete project is thus delivered.

We’ve been working
with the leading companies
of Made in Italy


Interactive solutions for shops, boutiques, events, installations